If you locate 3 pairs with continuity and one combination of 3, this is a WYE configuration. Augie hands identify unmarked leads. (989)922-0043 Prof. Steve shows how to identify unmarked 9 lead (WYE connection) on a motor. Product Information. Augie hands identifying unmarked leads. Link to Augie Hand’s “Identifying Unmarked Leads” Contact RepairZone.com for further information – Buy, Exchange, Repair your Automation equipment, such as servo motors and electronics. Augie Hands "Identifying Unmarked Leads-Y Connection" 1. scr.parentNode.insertBefore(ss, scr); Fishpond United States, Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting by Augie HandBuy . var ss = document.createElement('script'); Identifying Unmarked Leads in a Nine-Lead Three-Phase Motor; Typical Winding Problems; When Motors Overheat; Troubleshooting Less Common Motors; Locating Motor Faults; Bearing Maintenance; Sleeve Bearings; Test Instruments and Services; Download Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting Second Edition by Augie Hand in PDF Format for free. This produces a strong deflection. Equipment: Test Light or ohmmeter, 6 or 12 volt battery, low scale voltmeter and numbered lead labels. Think of a Lead as a starting point: data with a need to be understood: A Lead is an entity with unverified information and unverified intent that has purposefully contacted the Dealer. ss.type = 'text/javascript'; ss.async = true; The–battery terminal will be flashed to 8. Connect the–battery terminal to 7 and flash the + terminal to 9. We will see a lot more for 2015. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> About this product. He'd often start his schematic explainations with: "this line I have here in my hand … Move the battery to the 7-9 leads with positive the #9 lead and negative on the #7 lead. 4 0 obj To locate leads 1&4, Flash 8&9 as illustrated. (function() { Staff member. This is the internal WYE connection. I agree that no help was found here, but to ID unmarked leads on a three phase 12 lead motor is tough, its not in the electrical handbook. Pay attention to which leads are positive and negative on the meter and the battery. To locate leads 1 & 4, … _ss.push(['_setAccount', 'KOI-3XD6ZFDLSY']); stream Location massachusetts. Finally move batter to 8-9 pair with + lead on #8 and negative flashed to #9. Prof. Steve shows how to identify unmarked 9 lead (WYE connection) on a motor. Bestseller Neuerscheinungen Preishits ² eBooks verschenken . Thread starter electricalperson; Start date Jun 3, 2009; Status Not open for further replies. 200 Illustrations, unspecified. Augie hands identifying unmarked leads pdf. Their windings are cut by the lines of force of the energized half. 3. The rotor is needed to complete the magnetic path. Equipment: Test Light or ohmmeter, 6 or 12 volt battery, low scale voltmeter and numbered lead labels. To locate leads 1&4, Flash 8&9 as illustrated. It's not clear if enough lead is released to pose a risk to human health. Connect the voltmeter leads to 2&5, connect the–battery terminal to 9. Pulled stator, inspected leads, put back together, decided that 12" of extensions on the leads would make it easier to work on. })(); Prof. Steve discusses how to identify unmarked 9 lead (Delta connection) on a motor. Free delivery worldwide on over 20 million titles. Identifying Leads: Rule of Thumb: you cannot shake hands with a Lead. Mr. Hand has been presenting seminars to electric motor repair shops and large firms for over 15 years. "w|��-I�e�E:��H��P�Q?�,�#��8IOa�����9�$�%2Ļw��]jm_`9��)>����L /Дm޺Ŧ:����T��4:��*�C�p���w.�[email protected]��R var _ss = _ss || []; ;�:e. I have paired and numbered leads in many motors that came to me unmarked. Some tests show that lead could come off on hands. Three of the circuits will have 2 leads and one circuit will... 2. Augie Hands "Identifying Unmarked Leads-Y Connection ... Yorkrepair.com. The 9 lead Y connected motor will have four circuits. Identify the three sets of two and the one set of three using the test light or ohmmeter. Identifying Unmarked Leads of a Y Connected Motor By: Augie Hand. If the surge pattern is bad in two comparisons, select the lead that is common to both bad patterns. With an upscale reading, the + lead of the voltmeter will be on 3 and the–voltmeter lead will be on 6. 1. The markings on the external leads of a motor sometimes become defaced or are removed, which makes it neces­sary to identify and mark them before the motor can be properly connected to the line. Save money and time by calling us, today! Leads 3&6 can now be located. The magnetic lines of force of these poles will cut the conductors of… Their entire sales staff and several others, including many newcomers to York, attended the training. ]]>, Industrial Repair Solutions That Decrease Your Downtime…, Sales Guru, Joe Ellers, Stops by York Repair. To identify 3 and 6: Connect the voltmeter leads to 3&6. Keep electric motors running at peak performance! 2nd degree burns healing stages 3 . Connect leads 4, 5 and 6 together (wye), and surge test leads 1-2-3. Find lead #3 by looking for a positive deflection on one of the other pairs. Flash 8 with the + battery terminal. ATX power supply - ON Semiconductor ATX power supply can save 75 W at full load. Many left buzzing at all the knowle,