We also envision that the school administration will leverage technology to enable the most efficient and effective … By focusing on a single vision, they are able to harness the complexity and use it to propel forward. They help students fail forward because they provide a nonthreatening environment for practice. This requires a shift in pedagogy, and integrating technology is a vital part of this shift. Home / Technology / Technology Vision Statement. Mission Statement We empower unique thinkers by providing a rigorous and quality education that promotes social, emotional, and academic growth for LIFE. This is the story of how my district used technology to strengthen our vision, which states: We are a learning community that inspires, engages, and empowers students to become lifelong learners and productive global citizens. This is what academic success and life-long learning look like. Still, when it comes to the reality of implementation, there is a wall of anxiety that goes up and initiative fatigue that prompts questions like: How can I do all of this and teach my content? Hoquiam School District Technology Mission Statement. And this is how technology supports school vision. Braddock strives to provide a nurturing and safe environment that fosters a rigorous academic and technological … technology skills mandated. We have mission statements and visions, district points of pride and learning objectives, new initiatives, variable funding and shifting enrollment. is emblematic of a student practicing global competency. My school has taken the first step. Now, it’s time to move beyond that, lest technology become yet another thing teachers have to teach and students have to learn. Technology tools that provide real-time feedback and data allow teachers to meet students where they are and help students to develop … This is where technology integration, as opposed to technology used in isolation, becomes crucial. Technology tools that provide real-time feedback, such as Quill for writing and grammar or Dream Box for math, are critical components in achieving this part of our vision. Mrs. Technology will be incorporated throughout the school and will be utilized throughout the curriculum. by North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Our students are excited, responsible learners who are encouraged by home, school, community and place of worship. There are some who opt to wait it out. All of this is enough to make educators’ heads spin. Your school must have a vision that all staff members recognize as a common direction of growth, something that inspires them to be better. Information will exist in an integrated environment that fosters … Golden Valley High School Career & Technical Education Overview, Vision and Mission: Golden Valley and our Career & Technical Education staff are committed to providing ongoing and current courses and curriculum to assist our students in planning for their futures. Technology tools that provide real-time feedback and data allow teachers to meet students where they are and help students to develop individualized learning plans. Together with community stakeholders, we at Braddock Middle School are focused on preparing students for college and careers. Technology, however, does not teach students how to filter internet content, collaborate, be reflective or be empathetic. Instructional Technology Vision Statement. In pursuit of this vision, the IT department will: Yes, there is a place for teaching keyboarding and coding as separate courses. It can also be a vision that a teacher sets for themselves at the beginning of their school year to motivate and guide them as they go about setting up their classroom culture. Sample District Shared Vision Statements Sample 1. What does student empowerment look like? These individuals recognize the interdependent nature of the system. Vision Statement: Teachers will use technology to support more effective and efficient instruction. This means something to students. Then students practice it every day by setting initial and final goals, reflecting on their progress and engaging in positive self-talk prior to a quiz. © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), All Rights Reserved, Much of their learning will happen online, process complex situations by considering multiple perspectives, asking probing questions and providing complementary activities that solidify student learning, class culture shifts away from answer-getting, students experience what it is like to be productive learners, Students feel more supported and confident, become active members in the discussion of their education, technology plays a part in making this possible, the teacher’s pedagogy values critical thinking and productive struggle, it becomes possible to have in-the-moment digital citizenship discussions, technology is integrated into our pedagogy, Standards Spotlight: Introduce students to our small, connected world with the Global Collaborator standard. Learning to keyboard is a necessary skill. Empowered students are self-directed and committed to seeing work through. Discussing an issue, posting in a digital learning journal and then having students respond to questions such as, How do we tackle this issue with empathy? When students post digitally, they begin creating their personal digital footprint. Take the following statement, with the name removed so that we can consider the statement and not the school. They’ll do nothing now and wait and see what sticks or who retires. and that our staff will integrate. Our technology vision statement is that. Because students are expected to learn and make progress rather than achieve perfection, class culture shifts away from answer-getting and assignments being something to mark off a list. The content vision supports the company’s vision statement — this is the WHY of what you do. The technology planning team may use these goals and objectives as a guide. Think of the vision statement as the best case scenario for technology … What’s The Difference Between A Mission Statement and A Vision Statement? Technology becomes a means to an end, not the end. They approach problem solving collaboratively and are able to process complex situations by considering multiple perspectives and using tools and techniques from across disciplines. be a vision for technology at YIS in general.. This is what academic success and life-long learning look like. This means that today’s students need to be explicitly taught how to acquire and evaluate digital content. Vision for Educational Technology. VISION STATEMENT. It’s understandable that many feel overwhelmed. For students to be empowered, they must be have the tools and opportunities to articulate their own thoughts and manage their own learning. Students will use technology as an integral tool in their academic development.