Try it as a searching pattern where exact dry fly /emerger pattern presentations are not called for. from $2.25. Add to Cart . Even though they are small, the large number found in the drift offer the trout a steady supply of food when other insects are not available. Mercury Baetis. Midges aren’t rocket science to imitate, but making sure you’re offering the right stage at the right time makes a difference. The Desert Storm is a popular midge pattern on the San Juan River, especially in tiny sizes. your username. Fly Fishing Articles. Many species of midges can move from egg to adult in a few weeks. Fly Fishing & Tying Blog – Fly Fishing Tips. 1. Your email address will not be published. With three colors and sizes 18-24 you can fish this bug year-round and in a multitude of situations." Having a well stocked fly box full of patterns that will imitate what the trout are feeding on is key- from attractor nymphs, like Rainbow Warriors to small midges, like Matt McCannel’s Massacre Midge to something with a bit more meat on its bones, like the Mini Leech Jig. However, if you’ve been tying flies for more than 1 week, you’ll likely find most of these midge patterns very simple and easy and at times, downright boring to tie. If you can dream it up, someone can tie it. Most of the time during the winter, fall and spring we will see hatches of midges and baetis coming off on the same day. Sizes: 18, 20, 22, 24. from $1.50. Neon Nightmare (pink , size 22) 5. In my experience, for beginners, one of the most surprising aspects of fly fishing is how small so many of the flies actually are. Phone: (870) 688-1755. Either way, the pattern eventually made its way to the Sierra Nevada and became a major pattern for the region. The Desert Storm is a super simple and effective midge pattern! $2.25 The perfect winter midge. As a guide in Ridgeway, Colorado, Matt often works on technical tail waters. Mercury Midge. Start the thread just behind the bead. Chironomid flies can vary in size and come in many colors, predominantly have a red tone to them because they posse a large quantity of hemoglobin. Hunting. Horace Brown of England also laid claim to designing Fore and Aft flies in the 1930’s. A few of my go-to flies during the winter months are the Massacre Midge & Mighty Midge – patterns tied by my friend Matt McCannel but if I get the opportunity to travel … They are a very important source of food for trout and can make up anywhere from 50% to 90% of a trout's diet in lakes. This makes it very dynamic to your fishing situation. He needed a midge pattern that incorporated Pink and Orange. from $3.00. Wingcase/legs: White Sparkle Organza or Fluoro Fibre. Griffith's Gnats, Transition Midges and Massacre Midges have been our favorite patterns for fish rising to midges. This pattern can be tied in a … If you’re just beginning to tie real small, it’s a great fly to start with. Miracle Midge Tying Steps (The Miracle Midge and More, Part Two) In this section of The Miracle Midge and More, part two, Miracle Midge Tying Steps, Skip teaches you to tie this deadly little fly, and also shows you how to tie its close cousin, Pat Dorsey's Mercury Midge. The latter is true for one of Matt McCannel’s most recent creations, the Demon Midge. Midge Fly Patterns. Is Your Shotgun Barrel Long Enough? Come into the shop and get stocked up on your midge and baetis fly patterns, we have the best selection on the Western Slope. White River & Norfork River fly fishing guide in north central Arkansas, White River Fly Guide offers guided fishing trips on the White & Norfork Rivers. If the trout are a bit pickier an olive Mole Fly or BWO emerger will do the trick. Midge Patterns by Stage. Forgot your password? Mercury Flashback Pheasant Tail. *We try to pack and ship online orders the same day or next as often as possible. Since 2005, he’s been guiding for RIGS full-time, passionately making his clients better anglers. Massacre Midge. The world of flies for trout fishermen is limitless. But you don’t need all the flies in the world to catch trout this spring. Matt McCannel’s Massacre Midge is the ultimate guide fly. This is one of the deadliest midge-adult patterns I have ever fished. Add to cart. Like your lecherous Uncle Robert at the all-you-can-eat clam strip buffet at the titty bar on from $1.50. If you ever wonder why this nymph is so effective, look under some rocks along the river. Think of it as a midge larva with a wing case and a tail. "The Massacre Midge was a fly that I had been working on for years. This fly’s bod I was fishing a little variation of a fly I learned from a professor of mine as my lead fly. We are a world leader in outfitting anglers with fly fishing tackle, fly rods, flies, and all fly fishing related equipment. This could be an interesting… Matt’s motivation for the Demon Midge was to create a more effective point fly used in tandem rigs. Nymphing baetis, midges, and scuds can be good as well. The small vail of dubbing adds movement to the bug and the foam on the head makes the fly ride upright just like the naturals do. This pattern, tied with grizzly hackle on a light hook, rides higher than some other clusters and helps you spot takes that you might otherwise miss with a low-riding single-midge pattern. This fly can imitate a variety of emerging insects. With three colors and sizes 18-24 you can fish this bug year-round and in a multitude of situations." Midge patterns are an essential part of any angler’s fly box. Oct 1, 2020 - Explore Milt Ketchum's board "Midge Flies" on Pinterest. Demon Midge Red #22, Mighty Midge Red or Blue #22-24, Black Beauty #22-24, Massacre Midge #20-24, Mayer’s Mini Leech #16-14, Jujubee Midge Red #22, Juju Baetis #20-22, Sidewinder midge #22-24. Midge feeders eat this fly with confidence! “Most low riding mayfly patterns are pretty high maintenance, not very durable, and hard to see. Signature Flies Neon Nightmare - Pink I developed this Midge Larva pattern to stand out in the crowded midge hatches that we see on our tailwaters through out the winter and spring. See changelog at bottom of page. Medallion Midge Pupa. One of his most recent creations is the Neon Nightmare Midge. These have teeny fibers that work well on small flies. The key difference between a midge larva/nymph and a midge pupa is the air bubble they use to emerge and the U-shape they often make while just below the water’s surface. from $1.95. No, this pattern does not have any colors that are found in midge larva, but fish can’t resist the color combos that are incorporated into this pattern. This pattern is often fished alone, but can be used trailing behind a point fly. your email. As the hatch progresses, I will add the Massacre Midge as a dropper off of a midge or BWO dry fly. Get help. Faces of Fly Fishing; Photographer Spotlight; Costa Behind The Guides; Organization of the Month; Artist Spotlight; Outdoor; Food; Travel; Sign in. Log into your account. The glass bead on these midge patterns adds a little extra weight and also looks like a small air bubble. I also needed a fly that had a little more detail than the flies that I was fishing, the segmentation in the Massacre Midge adds a hint of realism which has proven to be deadly for fooling double digit tailwater fish. Designed to Match: Midges. I fish the SITS Midge with a dead drift to rising trout. 10 Training Tips for Any Kind of Dog. An outstanding fly when brown seems to be the color of choice. Dries #14-18 Puterbaugh Caddis, #14-18 Elk Hair Caddis, #16-18 PMD Craig Matthews Sparkle Dun, #20-24 … Fish it … Continue reading How to tie the Massacre Midge. This fly has a lot of “buggyness” when you rough up the dubbing a little bit, making it very dynamic to your fishing situation. Jujubee Midge Hook: Standard dry-fly hook (here a Dai-Riki #305), size 22-26. Yong’s Midge (upper right): This is a San Juan River pattern that migrated north. Tying the pattern with a rib of fine copper wire helps protect the palmer hackle. Father’s Day Gift Guide. The Massacre Midge created by Matt McCannel has climbed to the top of the list as one of my favorite patterns in Colorado. In small sizes, this fly can be deadly in nearly any trout water. I’m pretty confident that this fly will work anywhere in the world. Ron Yarborough's. There are various types of midges and patterns. I’ve created a mostly synthetic mayfly that floats like a cork, is really tough, and has easy-to-see wings. It can get confusing sometimes trying to keep track of every single type of fishing flies. Species: NA Don’t get us wrong, midges are great year round and they are a fly you can have in your box that you can always be confident will catch fish. A deadly red midge larva pattern from Signature tyer Matt Mccannel. This motivation led to the creation of the Neon Nightmare. Fly Fishing Articles. The Flash Bang Midge works well in the early winter as fish transition from eating Baetis to Midges. Welcome! Here’s our roster of the 10 flies to have in your vest whether you’re chasing giant springtime brown trout, finicky brookies, or anything in between. See more ideas about fly tying, flying, fly tying patterns. I typically fish it as a single fly with 6 … See more ideas about Fly tying, Fly fishing, Fly tying patterns. Disco Midge. What we DON’T like: Fishing tiny midges in general - nothing to do with this fly Head fishing guide for RIGS Fly Shop Matt McCannel has been leading newcomers and experienced anglers alike on successful trips for more than a decade. And I don’t know about … Continue reading Father’s Day Gift Guide. So, that completes the Miracle Midge tying steps. The hackles can be the dry fly quality feather or even a softer hackles for a busier look. your password. Highly knowledgeable people create highly effective fly patterns. Signature Tyer: Matt McCannel. As the hatch progresses, I will add the Massacre Midge as a dropper off of a midge or BWO dry fly. Midges can consume up to 50% of a trout’s diet in some waters. Body: 3 strands of Super Hair: two black, one white. It has quickly become one of our go-to patterns on Blue River, South Platte, Yampa, Arkansas, Frying Pan, and Williams Fork. This fly pattern works great in many of our local tailwaters and produces extremely well in the winter months when you need to go sparse and small. Often, midge patterns with bead heads imitate a pupa because the flash of the bead imitates the air bubble. Eggs are the natural starting point of any midge. Colorado Fly Supply. In the size 18 the Massacre Midge also works great as a caddis emerger. Now here's how to tie the other popular midge pattern Skip discussed, the Mercury Midge. There is a under body of lead wire to add weight to the fly. Guns. Thread #2: Black, 8/0 or 70-denier. Often, adult midges will cluster into a dense ball, which makes a Griffith's Gnat one of the most effective patterns to imitate adult midges. Aug 15, 2020 - Explore Rusty Stever's board "Midge Patterns", followed by 333 people on Pinterest. What we DO like: Super realistic emerger pattern. Matt takes a unique, out-of-the-box approach to fly fishing and instruction, with an emphasis on technical tailwater trout. This classic midge pattern incorporates something important that many others do not. The flash in the thorax is one of the key ingredients. WHITE RIVER FLY GUIDE. This fly solves all these problems. Newer Posts » Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Here are the patterns for these two popular midge-pupa flies: How to tie midge flies with video instruction. I like this pattern in the color presented here, as well as a gray version, tied with gray thread and dun hackle. Tying the Mercury Midge. In that spirit, what follows are 12 relatively new patterns tied by the leading minds in fly tying and fly fishing today. Fish it deep, fish it as a dropper, I don’t think it really matters. Thread #1: Fluorescent white, 8/0 or 70-denier. The Miracle Nymph or the Dirty Midge are alternative fly patterns for midge larva you can find in our shop. Having a fly that works equally well for both hatches afforded me and my clients more time fishing and not changing flies. To paraphrase the late great Mitch Hedburg, midges are like rice: they’re great if you’re hungry and want to eat a thousand of something. Click on a picture for a list of fly patterns for each fly type or fly box. Midge is a term commonly applied to small Chironomids and Dipterans that trout feed on. A password will be e-mailed to you. Dries #14-18 Puterbaugh Caddis, #14-18 Elk Hair Caddis, #16-18 PMD Craig Matthews Sparkle Dun, #20-24 … Add to Cart. The metal beadhead adds weight. We recommend fishing mid column during the height of a mid emergence. Midge pupa are the emergent form of the midge patterns. Welcome to the GBF Fly Pattern Archives. Rainbow Warrior. Colors: Brown (pictured), Light Olive, Yellow/Tan. For a lot of us, our dads are the ones who got us into fishing. Fishing. View 117883731229035888671/117883731229035888671’s profile on Google+, Fall Streamer Tactics | Fly Fishing & Floating in Colorado, 7399 S. Tucson Way Ste A3 Centennial, CO 80112. Complex patterns are sometimes needed for success on the water. Black hackle is also suitable for either of these color combinations. Dry/Wet: Wet. The SITS Midge can be tied in many other color combinations and materials can be substituted freely. The Neon Nightmare is another pattern we use to fool selective trout that are keying on midge larva. Our team of friendly pros ships fly fishing gear fast and will provide expert customer service. In this month’s “Top 5” video from Trouts Fly Fishing, Trouts’ own Tanner Smith walk-wades the middle Colorado River looking for that prime late fall run that always seems to hold a bunch of fish.After four minutes of gorgeous angling footage, Tanner sits down with Gus to go over his choices for the top five patterns to score during this time of cooler weather and low flows. I will fish the Massacre Midge when I am nymphing in the middle of the water column and near the surface. Attach the herl to the hook shank with thread wraps and then break off the excess tip. It doubles up as both as Midge and Baetis emerger. It can be tied in a variety of different colors with different colored foams. Avid Angler Midge larvae, pupae and adults are found in all types of water year round. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. WHITE RIVER FLY GUIDE.