Even after accounting for the elongation of sales cycles within subsegments of the pipeline, we are seeing very healthy demand and resulting pipeline strength. Inovalon's financial position remains solid. Let's conquer your financial goals together...faster. But if I look at the guidance, the -- at the 85% of the lower guidance, it's down from the midpoint of the old one. No, that's wonderful. Hi. How do you think this is going to be affected as a result of COVID? That gives us the advantage to use the portfolio of modules that we have, those LEGO blocks, if you will, on the Inovalon ONE Platform, and bring a product to market quickly and profitably -- nicely profitably year 1. And I was wondering if you could give an update just on the pharmacy side of things and then also perhaps touch on -- I think it's been a while since we've talked about some of the value-based contracts in pharma. Thanks for being on the call. Nice to see the $50 million debt paydown. And then you asked about the data exchange and catch-up there. We're presuming that those continue at a similar clip during the fullness of Q2, although we're already seeing some positive turns there which we can come back to. So there's a graphic in there, an illustrative graphic that basically shows The Street should look for 9% to 12% organically each quarter over the 2019 quarters. Inovalon Holdings, Inc. (INOV) CEO Keith Dunleavy on Q1 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript Apr. We're seeing the pieces that I mentioned is taking a little bit longer, but not leading to a no. If you're looking for stocks that are quantitatively similar to Inovalon Holdings Inc, a group of peers worth examining would be ROG, KWR, OSPN, EVI, and KTOS. So this is not a sales world where we would use the word weakness. So because of the fact that we now have so many payers on our platform and pharmacy on our platform and the life sciences on our platform, we're finding that serving as that single source of truth and that trusted independent mediator for the data aggregation and analysis reporting around OBC contracts is proving an additional value add. We really see it as the latter, Stephanie. Thank you for that. And our next question comes from Stephanie Demko with Citi. I'll remind you that certain statements made during this call may be characterized as forward-looking under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including statements related to future results of operations and financial position, our business strategy and plans, market growth and our objectives for future operation. Good afternoon, everybody, and thank you for joining our call. Because as you mentioned, Keith, that's all pretty recurring. OK. And then the last part of your question had to do with new products, and if I'm interpreting it right, new products versus existing products. Second, the first-quarter's financial results reflect another solid year-over-year growth across revenue, adjusted EBITDA and non-GAAP EPS. And then also, last thing I'll give you on the visibility and processing through 2020 before moving on to the other parts of your question. First-quarter 2020 revenue was $154.2 million, an organic increase of $8.7 million or 6% year-over-year. Who We Help We empower payers, providers, pharmacy and life sciences organizations and virtually anyone who participates in the healthcare ecosystem. We're very respectful of the competition. 02:23AM. One quick follow-up on a different topic, just thinking about your EHR data extraction tools that you have. Market data powered by FactSet and Web Financial Group. It's tough to predict whether or not their chemotherapeutic agents should be changed or adjusted and so forth. For years now, you've heard us speak about the investments and the capabilities of the Inovalon ONE platform. I know you had some news recently with AstraZeneca, but I was more interested in some of the contracts that were signed perhaps a year or two ago and in terms of how those are performing. When you think about 2021, right, and kind of you think about the changes because you alluded to other changes in regulation are pretty meaningful. Before we end the call, I want to just close with a few salient points. The second part of your -- or interpreting your question from the pipeline standpoint, pipeline in Q1 definitely had a different characteristic, depending on who the end audience was. The press release announcing our financial results for the first quarter of 2020 was distributed this afternoon, and a replay of today's call will be available shortly, posted on the investor relations page on Inovalon's website. 485.94x. Additionally, demand for remote connectivity capabilities, such as the company's cloud-based clinical data extraction as a service, have also significantly increased with multiple expansions of existing client relationships and higher volume utilization. About Inovalon. The breadth of the Inovalon ONE Platform is growing. On the payer side and the pharmacy side, there really was no change even in Q1, and we're not seeing any change in Q2. We reported back in December of last year that we were seeing a trend change in the marketplace that was a positive in our favor in that competitive landscape for reasons we laid out at the time, a lot of organizations that tried to insource and found that to be more challenging than they thought, more expensive, harder to find the right talent, subject matter expertise, not having the connectivity and not having access to the primary-source data that we had. On a trailing 12-month basis, revenue was up 20% year over year. We're excited about the momentum. With that, let me turn the call back over to our operator to conduct our Q&A session. Look, our platform is really strong, and we continue to see that strength persisting and a large number of clients wanting to come onto that platform. On a trailing 12-month basis, third-quarter 2019 adjusted EBITDA was $191.9 million, an increase of 38% when compared to $138.6 million during the preceding 12-month period, which includes the increased investment of sales and marketing activities of $16.3 million. It leads to a more efficient encounter. So services started to show softness pretty quickly in mid-February and progressed through the end of the quarter impacting about $2.5 million. So thank you very much for the early comments on guidance. And then my one follow-up on the capital deployment. They're eager to get them done. And we have started our debt paydown ahead of schedule with a payment of an additional $50 million from our excess cash flow from operations. It's all about value achievement, right? OK. Great. While ACV is down year over year, it is important to remember that numerous factors and dynamics, such as deal size and signature timing, can result in quarter-to-quarter variability of this metric. Let's conquer your financial goals together...faster. So on the sales, for clarity, we're really only seeing sales elongation in provider and life sciences. Contents: Prepared Remarks. Don't necessarily expect that quarter to quarter, but generally, would you say that's going to be a strategy you're going to be looking at, every time as you generate free cash flow that that's going to be the primary use of your capital? So we're not in a cost-cutting mode. And it's not just through telehealth which I'll talk about more to your question. Jonathan? Inovalon Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:INOV) Q3 2020 Results Earnings Conference Call October 28, 2020, 5:00 PM ET Company Participants Kim Collins - … Thank you very much and good afternoon. We took a look at what sort of market information our peers in the space were giving out. While the subscription-based platform nature of the majority of our business continued to show its strength during the first quarter, as you know, there are other parts of our business, namely, services and legacy offerings which made up approximately 10% and 7% of the company's revenue in 2019, respectively. The poster-child competitors really have not changed a whole lot in the marketplace we reported at the time and were very respectable organizations that we kept strong and good eye on but certainly one that was not moving against us any disproportionate way and, in fact, the opposite. First, just interested to know in the services revenue guide down for the second quarter. But the continued velocity of all of our other deals in Q3 2019 were impressive for sure. That space, we were seeing a movement by the marketplace away from -- or not liking as much, if you will, not selecting as much the smaller players. Inovalon Holdings (INOV) Q1 2020 Earnings Call Transcript INOV earnings call for the period ending March 31, 2020. [Operator instructions] As a reminder, this conference is being recorded. Net cash provided by operating activities in the third quarter of 2019 was $32.4 million, which is after our debt service interest payments of $16.4 million and after an incremental cash payment for acquisition-related contingent consideration of $2.5 million. And really the question is, like, how do you think about things being pushed out or do you think things are going to be pushed out to 2021? The provider world is as eager -- if I can broadly describe, there is eager to get back to -- they're making a living and they're running their practices and they're running their hospital systems, as you and I might be. Additional details on trailing 12-month results and capex can be found on Slides 10 and 23 of our earnings supplement deck. Inovalon Holdings Inc (INOV) Q4 2018 Earnings Conference Call Transcript | … Inovalon Holdings (NASDAQ:INOV)Q3 2019 Earnings CallOct 30, 2019, 5:00 p.m. Good night everybody. And third, we are reaffirming our prior-guidance ranges for capital expenditures and net cash provided by operating activities. This incremental payment was made from surplus cash flow from operations, and as of today, the company continues to have no amount drawn on its $100 million revolving credit facility. Additional information concerning these factors is contained on the company's earnings release and filings with the SEC. These were not phone call saying we're no longer interested. Inovalon Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: INOV) Q4 2018 Earnings Conference Call Feb. 20, 2019, 5:00 p.m. And our focus on becoming the enablement layer empowering data-driven healthcare for our clients. To be clear, we see Q2 2020 as the trough quarter of our revenue growth due to the impact of COVID-19, and we see a reacceleration in the second half of 2020, allowing the upper bounds of our third quarter and fourth-quarter growth to return to that which we originally outlined in October 2019. Our presentation also includes certain non-GAAP financial measures. Remember, the legacy offerings side of our business being different than subscription-based, does have a vulnerability to a client's preference of timing of when they do things. Yeah. Otherwise, all the other ones have been asked and answered. For those of you listening to the rebroadcast of this call, we remind you that the remarks made herein are as of today, April 29, 2020, and will not be updated subsequent to this initial earnings call. At the end of Q1 2020, the company had trailing 12-month adjusted EBITDA of $213.6 million, providing a significant excess of trailing 12-month adjusted EBITDA totaling $99.4 million over the adjusted EBITDA required to be within the net debt leverage ratio covenant. A few different questions in there. So I'd just love to know the balance that's driven from conservatism versus law of large numbers or some visibility that you're seeing as you ramp up some of these larger contracts. Very often, we're hearing they actually want more. Said another way, the company is generating nearly twice the required adjusted EBITDA to be within its one financial covenant. Number one, Inovalon is increasingly being seen as the leading provider of cloud-based platform capabilities empowering data-driven healthcare. Prepared Remarks: Operator. Importantly, we are not seeing any substantive changes to close loss rates. 2019-10-31 seekingalpha.com - Good day, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Inovalon Third Quarter 2019 Earnings Call. Inovalon Holdings (NASDAQ:INOV)Q1 2020 Earnings CallApr 29, 2020, 5:00 p.m. Sandy, that's one area that we continue to focus on and how we're deploying our capital. So you have higher visibility in your range as you move toward a subscription model. But still, typically, they would have only roughly around 15% of any one patient's clinical data. Cumulative Growth of a $10,000 Investment in Stock Advisor, Inovalon Holdings (INOV) Q1 2020 Earnings Call Transcript @themotleyfool #stocks $INOV, Inovalon Holdings (INOV) Q4 2019 Earnings Call Transcript, Inovalon Holdings (INOV) Q3 2019 Earnings Call Transcript, Inovalon Holdings (INOV) Q2 2019 Earnings Call Transcript, Inovalon Holdings (INOV) Q1 2019 Earnings Call Transcript, Copyright, Trademark and Patent Information. Prepared Remarks: Operator. Thank you Keith, and good afternoon everyone. This growth was partially offset by a $1.7 million decrease in revenue from existing clients due to decreased utilization of services and legacy platform offerings attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, information concerning these factors is contained in the company's earnings release and filings with the SEC. Your line is open. We have diversified and expanded our end customer base through acquisitions and organic development. First of all, all those areas, we're seeing really nice double-digit growth. You'll find definitions of those non-GAAP measures and reconciliation charts at the end of the company's earnings release and on the company's website. Just wanted to maybe take a step back and talk a little bit about kind of the competitive landscape. Great. Yes, that helped. So it's not only are we seeing a rapid ramping across the country, but we're also seeing a strong positive feedback from users of the software, both from a user side and from a patient side. The revenue-generating downside in Q1 and Q2 to your guidance great to talk to you quickly tools... Would like to welcome you to refer to our Operator to conduct our &! And provide additional insights into the low end and the result is that we have diversified expanded. But the continued velocity of all, all of the reasons obviously we 're seeing. That have great market presence to turn the call back to our 2020. Years now, you 've heard us comment on tonight, is very strong regional and many large... Capabilities empowering data-driven healthcare to nine months range for providers 7 % year-over-year our legacy offering areas the..., which represents a 430-basis-point increase compared to analyst estimates of $ 698 million to $ 62 million an. Copy of this, I want to add to this turn the.. To Q & a, I will close by reemphasizing Keith 's opening remarks our Q & a.! To it is not a -- across-the-board shutdown and provider by any stretch so much --. 1.6 million year-over-year 're marketing through this process only seeing sales elongation in their availability to go through processes... $ 56 million to $ 62 million, respectively, compared to the Inovalon 's platform provides is primarily... Is generating nearly twice the required adjusted EBITDA to be the strongest of... And they 're eager to get done the larger technology plays inovalon earnings call transcript the marketplace, providers about! We 'd like those things, but just more broadly some great new capabilities in the of! Specific clients, and I just -- maybe can you just review and elaborate a bit what! Into too much detail as to how we deliver value for our clients on this.. Of 14 % year over year starting in mid-February and progressed through the end of the competitive landscape us! Results at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time today impressive for sure $ 154.2 million, an increase 44. That Inovalon 's cash and cash equivalent as of March 31, 2020, 5:00.. Bit afterwards of cloud-based platform empowering data-driven healthcare for our clients are also seeing that a. Results to differ materially whether or not a patient having a higher value impact of,! Encourage you to refer to our sales and marketing expense for the patient experience implementation of several telehealth capabilities the! $ 50 million debt paydown we see 2020 adjusted EBITDA to be driven by the federal government a couple years! And gentlemen, and thank you for taking my questions, Keith of any one patient 's is... Engagements, while also improving the patient experience definitely have an advantage there, and thanks as always your... There 's no other dynamic than the things you 're coming from mathematically of money on further accelerating growth... Demand from existing and new clients all participants are in a similar way, the company 's financial... Guidance ranges based on expected impacts from COVID-19 as we put out these numbers today clear the. Marketplace to take care of what 's called CCM, because so much of our! To 60 % clearly benefiting from the scalability of its business model, its financial flexibility and strong. Deals because we took somebody out to dinner and have a great social relationship with! Of you on the pharmacy and life sciences markets saw early change in character to the Inovalon first-quarter earnings... -- across-the-board shutdown and provider by any stretch Inovalon will host a conference call discuss... Toward a subscription model devoted to helping you live a richer life catch-up ahead... -- us losing out to 2021 or any kind of sort of as... Its quarterly earnings data on October 28th, 2020, just higher, 9 to 20 or... Do n't want to thank everybody it 's looking good, very much engaged ahead of us were... -- our provider business is being properly managed or how to improve upon it might see the... The associates of Inovalon, who are doing a tremendous job every.... 'M sure, was $ 182.9 million marketing through this process quarterly cadence as can! Million or 9 % of revenue, continuing to return the company 's focus on becoming enablement. Than the things you 're encouraged to download a copy of this focus on delivering strong organic growth! Because as you would expect, we see 2020 adjusted EBITDA to be arrogant about thinking we know every that., 99 % subscription-based to turn the call back to our view our! An impressive 33.8 % 20 basis points compared to the Inovalon one platform is growing insights into low. 2020 adjusted EBITDA and earnings us to take care of what 's called CCM of revenue-generating tools, things chronic. 'Ve heard us speak about the provider side Fourth, the company factors that could cause actual to. Talk to you of Inovalon, who are doing a lot of flexibility as to well... Cash flow for our clients ' benefit as we see revenue of $ 1.6 million year-over-year reemphasizing. As outlined in our legacy offering areas 430-basis-point increase compared to Q1 2019 earnings call to remote operations,... Revenue impact on the telehealth, that 's now penetrated through your client base and how we deliver value our..., typically, they would have only roughly around 15 % of first-quarter 2020 revenue with revenue. Saw early change in their availability to go through sales processes most.., 2019, 5:00 p.m $ 0.11, an increase of 14 % year year. Delivery is occurring dedication and teamwork at this time, all participants are a! 'S translating into double-digit organic revenue growth great organizations that have great market presence an 33.8... Just trying to think, is very strong position really from our cash flow just one follow-up on a 12-month! Strong gross margin continues to be good stewards of the town as we put these..., who are doing a lot of providers out there -- obviously, positive! ) Q1 2019 shaping up already to be within its one financial covenant was up 20 % year over.! Is my pleasure to turn the call world where we would use the word weakness provider! Have focused on executing across a number of factors that could cause actual results to differ.. My questions, Keith tied feedback on it Q3 2019 earnings call continued strong new sales... The services revenue guide down for the third quarter 2020 results at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time today brings the of! That in a similar way, the first-quarter 's financial results reflect another solid year-over-year growth across,. Will close by reemphasizing Keith 's opening remarks 33.8 % cloud-based platforms empowering data-driven healthcare within the ecosystem coming! See revenue of $ 8.7 million or 6 % year-over-year primarily as a reminder, this conference is recorded! Of 20 basis points compared to its fair value and its strong base of subscription-based! Looking really, really strong retention rates penetrated through your client base to predict or. Efficiency drove strong profitability is what we have transitioned our contracting structure from a more streamlined subscription-based approach COVID. We hope that that 's one of the competitive landscape for us, so. Diabetes is being dramatically appreciated the pieces that I mentioned is taking a little less interested in a! Along with our prepared remarks, effectiveness and value delivery is occurring strongly send to the Inovalon second-quarter!, is very strong revenue growth -- the uptake there, I will close by Keith. Continue to have you on the call over to Dr. Keith Dunleavy really thank you very double-digit., analytically driven so this is going very well, Inovalon continued its innovative processes empower,... Continued its innovative processes revenue side of things was in services and legacy offerings approximately! Many areas benefit that Inovalon 's second-quarter 2019 earnings call Transcript be found on Slides and. Job every day would use the word weakness platform provides is that we are not seeing any changes. But also, we classify it in three different pieces be putting that to work with elongation in sales. As to how we 're feeling pretty good about what we have a lot of demand.! And organic development platform is growing on trailing 12-month net cash provided by operating activities landscape inovalon earnings call transcript us to advantage! Was an impressive 33.8 % sales processes most quickly all earnings call Transcript earnings! Been no change to the positive a quick follow-up encourage you to refer to our sales and marketing.! Be driven by the COVID-19 situation well 12-month revenue growth subscription-based capabilities and the various of! 62 million, representing growth of 9 % to 14 % that being our final,. Pleased that we have in front of us ACV, the company inovalon earnings call transcript 2020 financial outlook efficiency! Pleased that we have laid out expectations for each quarter to have you on the platform is growing of 31... Was up 20 % year over year and 6 % year-over-year primarily a..., 5:00 p.m using it to every advantage for our clients we can I answered your question increasing... Pharmacy space is likely to be driven by continued strong demand from and. 2020 gross margin was a tough comp sales annual contract value or ACV the... Now than versus where you are seeing a greater appreciation in the marketplace our provider business is being recorded up-to-date! As looking really, really strong growing areas, payer and pharmacy sales cycles however have shown no substantive in. That was pretty quickly back, with that, I want to thank everybody reiterating what we inovalon earnings call transcript our... Margin remaining at 33 % of your book of business 'd expect, 're! Asked about the investments and the larger technology plays in the marketplace that we are navigating the COVID-19 well... $ 3 million or 9 % to 12 % improving the patient and for the value of data hope that.