[…] also offer meal plans (similar to Eatology), that go from HK$162/day (700 calories) to HK$405/day (4000 calories). Thanks to its focus on quality, service and value, Eatology is ranked one of the best healthy food delivery services in Hong Kong. Their menu has a lot of variety, which is nice. Being vegan in Hong Kong, I was thrilled to see that there is a vegan option on Eatology’s site. The other snack provided in the box was a cauliflower muffin – this one was a little disappointing. Eatology creates gourmet recipes comprised of wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients with great flavours to help you to reach your goal, whether it is losing weight, boosting energy levels or staying healthy. . Another one I had the pleasure of trying a few months ago was […] Although not very fond of vegetables in general, we liked this spaghetti because it tasted nothing like vegetables, while still enjoying some of the nutritional benefits. Variety - 99%. Much better than plastic packaging for sure! By Tatler Hong Kong July 29, 2020 While restaurants are closed for dine-in and we're all staying home, look to one of these Hong Kong meal delivery plans to satisfy cravings or help you stay on track with your fitness goals A most colourful meal to celebrate #WorldVeganDay! From al fresco bars and hole-in-the-wall restaurants, to secret shopping spots and special events, we pound the pavements in search of all the best Hong Kong has to offer. Pricing - 82%. A disappointment was the tuna that came with the Nicoise salad though, as it had a rainbow sheen to it that didn’t seem too appetising or safe to eat (it also smelled quite fishy and not so fresh). Total calories: 1,568 (Carbs 73g, Protein 166g, Fat 68g). Eatology Limited is a Hong-Kong based company that offers meal delivery plans. Travel ... 18 of the Best Hong Kong Mooncakes To Indulge in This Mid-Autumn 2020. Until 30 August, meal planning specialist Eatology is giving first-timers an array of incentives through its new partnership with fitness & nutrition coach Beth Wright. Beauty & Wellness New In: 10 Beauty Products to Try Out this September. The average price per day is around HK$388 and when you compare that to a typical juice cleanse that costs HK$500-600 per day (where you are just drinking juices), having 3 meals and 2 snacks from Eatology is quite an amazing deal. Experience Hong Kong - Get inspired, be amused and learn more about Hong Kong 's history, art, design, culture, traditions and people. Groundbreaking deal marks the trend towards landlord and operator partnerships. Despite that, I was very happy with the rest of the meals and didn’t miss much in terms of protein. It certainly felt very gourmet even though it’s all healthy. 122 Eatology Ltd, Hong Kong $180,000 jobs available in Kowloon on Indeed.com, updated hourly. Before I go into the day by day breakdown, a few overall observations: I was impressed with Eatology’s wide range of meal plan choices, including Lighter Delights, Balanced Living, Vegetarian, Vegan, Optimal Performance and Tailor Made. ... Top Tips from Coach Beth Wright on How to Get Fit and Healthy with Eatology. A meal delivery service might just be for you. The smoked salmon was a complete delight to our taste buds; there were chopped pieces of salmon mixed lightly with cream cheese and scallion. Read our review on the 1500-calorie vegan meal plan by Eatology. From low-carb, paleo and gluten-free to even keto or vegan, Eatology tailors meal plans to suit various dietary needs. For Day 3, I really liked the crepes with Comte cheese and the smoked salmon with yogurt & chives. Sep 10, 2020. They deliver healthy, premium meals in programmes like low carb gluten free, Asian and vegetarian. This article showcases Pretty Progressives top picks for the best ‘Wellbeing’ startups. Hong Kong Madame orders: the breakfast Lover’s Package (HKD 320) featuring all the essentials for a lazy morning in bed – 2 mini croissants, 2 mini pain au chocolat, 2 fresh fruit cups, 1 granola yogurt, 4 mini muffins with 4 different flavours, 1 ciabatta bread, French salted butter, goat cheese The Healthy one: Eatology Born and raised in Hong Kong and educated in New York, Florence has been living life in the fast lane, getting to know contemporary artists and famous fashion designers on the go. With the rise in demand for healthy meal deliveries, many companies have taken note and launched premium services to cater for a happy heart. For even more of a discount, you can purchased “Bangers,” which are damaged or mislabeled items. | With several choices of delicious weekly meal plans coming in 3 calorie sizes, Eatology helps its customers live a healthy life. Having never eaten kibbeh, we weren’t sure what to expect, but it reminded us of couscous in a tartar sauce. Outside, ferries silently sailed beneath the haze-covered skyline of Hong Kong Island. Busy, lazy or just clueless about cooking? Total calories: 1,484 (Carbs 67g, Protein 163g, Fat 62.5g). Eatology’s meals are definitely worth a try! Eatology France | 22 followers on LinkedIn. We work hard to offer you what no one else can: a sustainable, affordable real-food solution that helps you eat clean. I wasn’t even hungry during lunch and seeing that huge salmon filet made me feel even more full. We therefore had to plan carefully as to which day to order. https://thehoneycombers.com/hong-kong/eatology-vegan-meal-plan-review/ Sonalie Figueiras 626 posts. Review: Eatology in Hong Kong – Healthy Hong Kong. In fact, they currently […], Level up your usual avo toast with this Brussels s. Looking for the best reusable masks in Hong Kong? The winners were announced during the ORIGIN Conference, an on-demand conference track about the latest developments in the Asia tech and startup scene within TECHFEST Live x ROAD-TO-WCIT Malaysia [...], By SANIKA KULKARNI How the Kelly Yang Project is helping shape young minds to understand the world better In today’s digitized world, we are constantly overstimulated with vast amounts of information that’s right at our fingertips. Select the frequency, the number of meals, the calories you need, order online your diet program to lose weight and fat and get delivered wherever you are in Hong Kong. ", Brunch goals @14southlane! Based in Hong Kong our goal is to provide you with premium quality meals that are as flavorful as it is healthy, whether you want to lose weight or just want to clean up your diet and say goodbye to cheap office snacks forever, our meal plan programs have got you covered. Onto the day-by-day breakdown… FYI I asked for a low-carb, pescetarian menu as I don’t eat meat and wanted to avoid starchy foods before my wedding! We have over 100 unique gourmet recipes that have been created to fulfill your specific health needs. Eatology is a Hong Kong-based premium meal planner service founded in 2015 that offers science-backed meal plans that are Everything was delicious again, although I have to say the fruit salad wasn’t that satisfying. You can get Eatology meals delivered for 1 or 2 weeks at a time, making it perfect for busy people who are prepping for a special occasion, or who just … 2 Days notice, $1000 minimum spend. Easy To Prepare - 100%. But you can see from the pictures the insane amount of food provided! A review of Hong Kong’s meal delivery service Posted on January 12, 2018 Leave a comment. Eatology Meal Plan Features. … Read our review of Eatology Hong Kong… 12. Other than a few Buddhist vegetarian restaurants with fake meat, it was hard going. 2 Days notice, $750 minimum spend. Hong Kong is a busy city—but that’s no secret. Hong Kong has been on the bandwagon of meal delivery services for the busy city dweller … Paleo Taste cooks healthy, quality menus made in small batches sourced from the freshest ingredients. All of the Eatology meals are packaged in compostable boxes that are biodegradable. Having this chilled bagel seemed like the perfect start to our day. Hong Kong-based virtual asset exchange HKbitEX has raised US$10 million in a Series A2 round, according to a statement today. This particular option will cost you $35. Offering various professional health services, we create bespoke healthcare programmes to meet your individual needs. A premium meal delivery service that brings together fresh ingredients, and delicious recipes to create dietician-designed meals delivered to your door. Castello – First Paleo Italian Restaurant in Hong Kong … Hong Kong’s best spots for a picture-perfect picnic Living 27 Questions: Agung Prabowo, Hong Kong bartender extraordinaire and co-founder of Penicillin and Dead & “The Mediterranean diet has been much investigated by researchers and linked to numerous health benefits, including a lower risk of cancer, cognitive disease and cardiovascular disease as well as metabolic syndrome, obesity, and type 2 diabetes” the Eatology team shares. Eatology's menu featuring: Healthy Breakfast and Lunch Sets, Fingerfood Platters. It’s refreshing to find a company that thinks about things like this, particularly here in Hong Kong, where saving the planet is rarely the highest priority! Moreover, we were expecting something sweeter but it was savory. Meal planning can be a pain, which is why so many healthy meal delivery companies have sprung up in Hong Kong, including Nutrition Kitchen (which was reviewed recently). They are a lot more flexible than some other meal delivery companies in HK and can definitely accommodate different diets. 3,799 likes. For Hong Kong’s frenetic worker bee population, the availability of healthy meal plans and the convenience of delivery are certainly life-saving, taking the effort out of getting groceries, cooking, and planning. Aside from designing jewellery and having an unquenchable love for beauty, Florence enjoys dancing, wake surfing and hiking in her spare time. These startups are taking a variety of approaches to innovating in the Wellbeing' industry, but are all exceptional startups well worth a follow. We could genuinely enjoy the sauce guilt-free, as we knew that it wasn’t very high on calories. The menu was personalised with my name and the date, and included nutritional information on what each dish was and its caloric breakdown. The collaboration encourages Hongkongers to ‘jumpstart’ their wellness goals with a simultaneous focus on eating smart and exercising effectively. Eatology is a Hong Kong-based meal plan and food delivery startups that caters to a range of diet choices including Paleo, Low-Carb Gluten Free, and Keto. What we liked most though, was that they have specified the calorie count for each meal, along with the breakdown of carbs, protein, and fats on their menu. Priced around $398 each day, Eatology’s daily package comes with three meals and two delightful snacks. A great way to start living healthily, the Eatology Balanced Living program offers a full week of calorie-controlled and delicious meals that work in harmony with your lifestyle. Eatology offers packaged meal plans starting from HK$288 per day, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I recently reviewed Eatology (for the second time) for Hong Kong Tatler. Total calories: 1,495 (Carbs 74g, Protein 135g and Fat 73g). So for those who are health conscious like us, this is a great idea. From the beginning, we've taken fresh ingredients and turned them into delicious, ready-to-eat meals...shipped right to your door! if you choose to, you can do just breakfast, lunch and two snacks, to give you a bit more flexibility for dinner). Welcome to Eatology, we provide premium, tailor-made meal programs and deliver delicious, healthy, nutritionist approved food straight to your office or front door in Hong Kong. Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored, but Eatology provided the meals to Healthy HKG at no cost for review. Is Eatology for you? The packaging of the food was quite well done. But Eatology does this brilliant thing where they mention the calorie count of the ordered meal. We had previously tried Eatology’s Paleo diet meal plan, and this time, we returned to try out the new Mediterranean diet plan.