Your distractibility could indicate ADHD or something else. Worry/Stress, Everything You Need to Completely Clean With ADHD. Black Girl, Lost Keys. Connections annnnnd you can catch me on episode 42. Let’s not forget blogs. Soooooo, I hit 25,000 followers on Twitter and I'm having a 25% off ... sale to celebrate! It can be easy to focus on just how our ADHD symptoms are so similar. René Brooks | Black Girl, Lost Keys | ADHD @blkgirllostkeys. 0. The way you think, the way you behave, the things you do during the course of the day? Allowing your emotions to control you can lead to trouble you just don’t need. I really love you. How to Guard Your Yes (and know when you haven’t been doing it!) What’s better than one book from BGLK? Procrastination Has No Power Against These Tips. How An ADHD Diagnosis Transformed Me. Pin it to a hat, to your jacket, to wherever you want! Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Proudly created with I know how unfair it feels to be judged for this, and I don’t blame you for balking at the idea of facing ridicule for getting help with a medical condition. There are way too many people who are way too passionate on either side of the argument and I just don’t think either one is better. (@blackgirllostkeys) on Instagram: “Ok, so I was going to wait until I had a final product to show you, but I just can’t wait. So, like the great gal I am, I am here to give you an ADHD guide. Black Girl Lost Keys Store | René Brooks The tendency of the general public to become doctors capable of diagnosis is pretty miraculous. Part of managing ADHD means that you’re going to have to make some changes in your life. Blogger. 1K Shares. Nov 11 . Email [email protected]. Proudly created with In there, you’ll learn about how your brain is an expensive foreign car with really crappy breaks, and how you can get out of wrecks. It is all about what works for the individual. Again, thank you to both of you. Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. The things you need from the blog you love. Share. or. Go talk to the doctor about that. 2. There is NO cure for ADHD, meaning this is something you will have forever. Internet Addiction Thank you for reading. That’s easy. This button is 1.5 x 1.5 inches of awesome and will add some attitude to whatever you've got on. It is a neurological disorder that disrupts your ability to do things in the way that neurotypical people do. 0. See more of Black Girl, Lost Keys. People with ADHD struggle with impulsivity, rejection-sensitive dysphoria, and anxiety. Women with ADHD are the fastest growing population of those newly diagnosed with ADHD. Black Girl, Lost Keys (affectionately known as BGLK in my house) began as a way for me to create the space I needed as a woman of color with ADHD. You are going to have to change your entire lifestyle. 26. Create New Account. In other words, the ADHD guide is directing you to go find an ADHD guide. Oct 9, 2020 - Women with ADHD are the fastest-growing group of people being diagnosed. 3. Create New Account. © 2019 by Blue Collar T-Shirt Factory. 7. ADHD Symptoms In Adults Aren’t Character Flaws, What You Need To Know About Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. My jaw dropped when @garnerstyle walked in the room. Because I feel so strongly about the importance of safe places for black women with ADHD, I created one. Ep 158 | Practical Meditation at Home + Guided Mindfulness Exercise with … ADHD Rewired – Especially Episode 61 ( spoiler alert – I’m the guest ). . Nov 11. Legit about to make this into a sticker for myself. Self Care: How to Recharge After Dealing With Difficult People.